Klubin™ accommodations in Mänttä

Mänttä as destination of culture tourism - An introduction to Klubin™ premises and services!

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Klubin™ accommodations

We provide Klubin™ accommodations in two of our resorts, Honkahovi and the Mänttä Club. 30 stylish, uniquely furnished rooms each include a story –  from basic accommodation to luxury rooms.

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Klubin™ gourmet creations

Our experienced kitchen staff offers readymade packages for various events. Klubin™ recipes were originally brought to us by celebrities on their historical visits.

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Facilities for small and large meetings and festivities

The Klubin™ meeting packages combine good working conditions with unique adventure activities. We provide facilities for small and large meetings and festivities – from an intimate wine cellar to an assembly hall for 250 persons.

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Adventures and culture in art town

The Klubin™ service provides an extremely versatile package. Just one phone call away, we offer you everything you need for your party, event, meeting or training.

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AnfangiMDesigned by Valter ja Ivar Thomén, Mänttä Club was built in 1920 to be used by G.A. Serlachius Inc. as facilities for festivities. The magnificent facilities are guaranteed to top your party, meeting or event off. The valuable history and the present day meet at Mänttä Club with a sense of style known around the world. Since autumn 2010, the Club has been managed by Kauko Sorjonen Foundation, and Mänttä Club Inc. is in charge of business affairs. The assembly hall and some rooms were renovated in early 2011.

Our facilities for accommodation and meetings also provoke architectural interest around the world. To suit modern requirements, they are equipped with the latest technology such as a fast WLAN network.

We can add new content to your work or vacation. If you wish, we will provide the whole package with all additional activities.



G.A.Serlachius Inc. had Honkahovi built in 1938 by Mäntänlahti bay, in close proximity of the present-day town, to be used as the official residence of the then superintendent and future CEO R. Erik Serlachius.

Designed by architect Jarl Eklund, the beautiful Functionalist building sits beautifully among the large pines. The large downstairs windows look out over a breathtaking view of Mäntänlahti bay on Lake Kuorevesi.

Opened for business in November 2011, ArtHotel Honkahovi is a high-quality hotel and restaurant.

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Art town full of events

Art town full of events

Discover the city's diverse cultural and artistic attractions.

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