We provide Klubin™ accommodations in two of our unique resorts

”I certainly enjoy the lands of the Bernadotte family, but it is definitely great to hunt here in Mänttä. Phesant is incredibly tender, covered with mustard glazing by the executive chefs of the Club and simmered with a sensitive skill. I think I will go and see Urho while I'm waiting.”

We provide Klubin™ accommodations in two of our resorts, Honkahovi and the Mänttä Club.

30 stylish, uniquely furnished rooms each include a story –  from basic accommodation to luxury rooms.

King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf, visited Mänttä together with Urho Kekkonen, the President of Finland. R. Erik Serlachius hosted a memorable hunting event organized on his lands, and the bounty was plentiful.

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