We provide Klubin™ accommodations in two of our unique resorts

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2. Alvar

Two-person room

Room type: Guest room

Equipment: Desk, Hair dryer, TV, Bathroom, Mini-bar

Bathroom shared with room number 3

Room rates

”That lake landscape might give my building the shapes of waves (in Finnish, aalto = wave) – heh, did I just find humour in myself, too? Those industrial managers are tough negotiators but I guess I should leave my mark on Mänttä as well. I think I'll grab a pencil and make some sketches...”

Architect Alvar Aalto visited the vuorineuvos in Mänttä. Despite his efforts, Finland's most famous international architect did not get to design the headquarters of Serlachius Inc. The white building was designed by Valter and Bertel Jung.