We provide Klubin™ accommodations in two of our unique resorts

5 Artek Room5 Artek Room5 Artek Room5 Artek Room5 Artek Room

5 Artek Room

Two-person room

Room type: Artek Room

Equipment: Desk, Hair dryer, TV, Bathroom, Mini-bar

Bathroom shared with room number 6

Room rates

”A room can function as a beautiful individual, regardless of size. Just furnish it properly, add the light from the outside and lamps to suit the style – the space makes a person feel good. With a clean conscience, I can invite any head of state or teollisuusneuvos (Finnish honorary title) here.”

From the beginning, Honkahovi represented sustainable development. The building was realized in every respect with the best know-how of the period and furnished sturdily. Today, more than 70 years later, a large part of the original furniture is still in use and the new furniture is realized with high quality as well.