We provide Klubin™ accommodations in two of our unique resorts

6 Governess' Room6 Governess' Room6 Governess' Room6 Governess' Room

6 Governess' Room

Room for 2+1 persons

Equipment: Desk, TV, Toilet, Mini-bar

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”The sound of the steps is quiet; the creak of a floor board is the only sign of motion. There is no-one to be seen, but a curtain sways once as if moved by the wind… even though the window is closed. The door opens by itself, must be the ghost of the Governess greeting the Club once again.”

The children of Gösta Serlachius received private tutoring at home, and an English governess resided at Mänttä Club, always in the same room. Once, the room was reserved and the governess was miffed, swearing to haunt the building forever.