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Activity packages

Activity packages

Your experiences at Klubi™ will be the highlight of your visit

Art package 2 days

”Now I'm truly where I should be, getting all the attention. The light caresses my surface, there is plenty of space around me and I'm even able to tell about myself. Not bad at all, after spending 150 years on other walls after the precise brushstroke."


Honkahovi features the smallest art exhibition in the world. There is one masterpiece at a time on display by artists such as Albert Edelfelt. The exhibition has been realized using state-of-the-art technology. Placed in the wine cellar, the room is an excellent place to stop the time. Max. 10 persons.

  • Guided tour of Mänttä Church
  • Drama Guided tour of Serlachius Museum Gustaf

  • Self Access to Art Museum Gösta
  • Lunch at the Club (with the possibility of the house round)

  • Getting to know Art Center and Arthotel Honka Hovi

  • Shopping at Myllyranta Center

  • In summer, the Mänttä Art Festival Pekilo (different charge)

(Group size 11-30 persons)

Hinta sisältää edellä mainitut ohjelmat, pöytiin tarjottavan lounaan, päiväkahvit Honkahovissa, majoitus kahden hengen huoneissa Mäntän Klubilla tai Honkahovissa ja aamiaisen.


Tehtaankatu 33
35800 Mänttä

tel. +358 (0)3 4745 900

Opening hours 15.6.-31.8.2020

Mon-fri 7.00-9.30
Sat-sun and bank holidays 9.00-10.30

Restaurant and reception
Mon-sat 8-20
Sun and bank holidays 9-12
á la Carte mon-fri 15-20, sat 12-20

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Arthotel & Restaurant Honkahovi

Johtokunnantie 11
35800 Mänttä

tel. +358 (0)3 474 7005

Opening hours 1.6.-31.8.2020

at Mänttä Club

Restaurant and reception
Mon-fri 8-15
Sat-sun and bank holidays 9-12

Buffet lunch mon-fri, 11-15 (11,90€)

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