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”The door opens quietly, as if a whispering wind could move the oaken door. A sturdy knock on the floor, no-one to be seen – maybe it is just the invisible governess of the Club. But has some visitor – the Queen, the President or a Counselor of State – left their secret in the mansion?”

History of Mänttä Club

Designed by Valter ja Ivar Thomén, Mänttä Club was built in 1920 to be used by G.A. Serlachius Inc. as facilities for festivities. The magnificent facilities are guaranteed to top your party, meeting or event off. The valuable history and the present day meet at Mänttä Club with a sense of style known around the world. Since autumn 2010, the Club has been managed by Kauko Sorjonen Foundation, and Mänttä Club Inc. is in charge of business affairs. The assembly hall and some rooms were renovated in early 2011.

Our facilities for accommodation and meetings also provoke architectural interest around the world. To suit modern requirements, they are equipped with the latest technology such as a fast WLAN network.

We can add new content to your work or vacation. If you wish, we will provide the whole package with all additional activities.

  • Accommodation for 38 persons
  • Facilities for meetings and festivities
    • Dining room for 50 persons
    • Large assembly hall for 250 persons
    • Upper hall for 40 persons
    • Conference rooms for 13 persons
    • Section for the Board of Directors for 10 persons
    • Seminar room for 24 persons
  • Corporate events
  • Family festivities
  • Cultural events
  • Klubin™ adventure activities
  • Serlachius art packages
  • Mänttä Music Festival



Tehtaankatu 33
35800 Mänttä

tel. +358 (0)3 4745 900

Opening hours

Mon-fri 6.30-9.00
Sat-sun 9.00-10.30

Mon-fri klo 8-10
Sat-sun 9-12

Sales service
Mon-fri 8.00-15.00

Other times by order.

Summer opening hours >>

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Arthotel & Restaurant Honkahovi

Johtokunnantie 11
35800 Mänttä

tel. +358 (0)3 474 7005

Opening hours

Breakfast at Mänttä Club
Mon-fri 6.30-9.00
Sat-sun 9.00-10.30

Mon-fri 11-14.30

Buffet-lunch Mon-fri 11-14.30

Bistro fri-sat 15-20.30 (from 14.5.)

Summer opening hours >>

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