We provide Klubin™ accommodations in two of our unique resorts

10 Sissi's Room10 Sissi's Room10 Sissi's Room

10 Sissi's Room

Two-person room

Equipment: Desk, TV, Mini-bar

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”Even though this man considers himself a boss, he has his weaknesses too. But together with the children, we want to create good for ourselves and others. What is the good of fighting? That family has certainly had its share of it.”

In 1899, Gösta Serlachius got married to Sissi (Sigrid), the daughter of G.A. Serlachius. The couple had five children. Gösta and Sissi Serlachius got divorced in 1916. Gösta Serlachius remarried in 1919 with Ruth Ingrid Björkenheim.