Recipes were originally brought to us by celebrities on their historical visits

Lakeside sauna & menus

  • Honkahovi Lakeside Sauna 290€ (4 hours)

  • A maximum of 10 people, additional people 15€ per person.

  • Includes towels and toiletries.

  • Heated palju 200€


MENU 1, starting from 17.50€/person

Casserole dish (salmon/chicken or smoked reindeer)
Green salad, home made dressing
Home made bread and butter


MENU 2, starting from 17.50€/person

Sausage assortment or meatballs
Green salad, home made dressing
Potato salad
Baguette and butter


MENU 3, starting from 24.50€/person

Green salad, home made dressing
Beetroot salad
Baguette and butter
Pork ribs
Garlic potatoes
Devil’s mayonnaise


MENU 4, starting from 6€/person

Chicken/minced meat/vegetable wrap


MENU 5, starting from 39€/sheet pan

Sheet pan pizza, minced meat/ham/vegetable


Every weekday